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Frequently Asked Questions

Program Questions

My child is a young/inexperienced skier. What are the prerequisites for them to ski with the club?

Participants must be 6 years old, be able to ski down the Allen and ride the lift independently (without being lifted up.) Kids are on their own during lunch, so they must either be able to get lunch on their own or meet a parent/friend in the lodge during lunchtime.

My child is thinking about doing racing team but isn't sure. How should we register?

We encourage kids who are thinking about joining Race Team to go ahead and sign up. The Race Team begins skiing together as soon as the Snow Bowl opens and the extra days of skiing in December are critical for skill development before the racing season begins. If your child decides that racing is not for them, we can transfer them to Mountain Team.


Please explain why there is a family membership and program fees. Why not roll it into one?

The family membership is our way of welcoming all members of your family to the Ski Club, whether or not you ski with us. Our social events, days of volunteering, and other activities are for families, not just participants. We have separated the Membership Fee from program fees to allow people without kids into the program to join the Ski Club.


When can we register for February Break Camp?

Registration for February Break Camp will open in December. We have found that many families don't have their Feb. Break plans made yet in the fall, so this will allow us to get a more accurate participant count.

Registration Questions

Is there a deadline to Register for Ski Club?

Yes. The deadline for registration is October 31, 2018 for the winter 2018-19 season. Registering by the deadline guarantees you a spot and helps us hire the right number of coaches for the winter. Space is not guaranteed after October 31st and there is a $50 late fee that applies to our program fees. Please help us and secure your spot by signing up early!


What is included in my program fee?

Your program fee covers coaching during the season, from dryland training in the fall right straight through to the end of your program in March. Here are the additional items that you are responsible for:

  • Middlebury Ski Club Family Membership
  • Middlebury College Snow Bowl Season Pass
  • USSA Membership
  • VARA Membership (for Race Team only)

Please note that all skiers need proper equipment. Please see our Equipment Page for information on skis, boots, poles, helmets and clothing.


Why do we need to register for USSA?

The US Ski & Snowboard Association (USSA) is the national governing body for our sport and our club. Every child and coach is required to have a USSA membership to participate in our club activities to meet our insurance requirements.


Which USSA Membership Level Should I Choose?

The USSA registration process can be a bit cumbersome and confusing.  Membership with USSA is compulsory for all Mountain Team and Racing Team members, regardless of whether you plan to compete in races. This is a club insurance requirement. You can sign up for your USSA membership online at

Alpine Program athletes can join USSA at the Club Participant Level for $15, regardless of age.

Racing Team athletes must join USSA based on their age-based competition category. Rates vary by age and range from $50 - $150.

Click Here for Step by Step Instructions for Registering for USSA


What is your Refund Policy?

You can see our Refund Policy on this page.  This policy reflects the fact that our coaches are hired for the entire season based on the number of registered participants.

The Middlebury Ski Club

The mission of the Middlebury Ski Club is to promote alpine skiing and to support the development of ski racers of all ages and abilities.

The Middlebury Ski Club is a non-profit organization based in Middlebury, Vermont, USA.

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