All athletes must have:

All athletes need to have their own skis, boots, poles, helmet, and goggles. These items are not provided by the club.

Helmets are mandatory, all the time, for every athlete and coach. If you arrive at the mountain and do not have your helmet, you are not allowed to ski with the club. For athletes intending to participate in races, please see specific helmet requirements below.

We ski in all types of weather, so please be prepared and dress accordingly each day. Do not forget that often the mountain temperatures and wind are much different than they are in the valleys! It's best to have more clothes and not need them, than not have enough to wear.

Label your belongings: A lot of gear and clothing looks the same and can be easily mixed up.

The following items are not allowed during training:
  • iPods or other music devices with headphones
  • Sunglasses (goggles must be worn.)

Athletes participating in RACING:


For racers, helmets need to have hard plastic covering your ears. Helmets with soft padding on the outside of the ears are not allowed at many races. Helmets must be FIS certified.  Racers will also need a chin guard that attaches to their helmet.  These are often helmet specific.

Skis and Boots:

Racing equipment can be very specific and there are equipment rules outlined by US Ski & Snowboard. Older athletes may need multiple pairs of skis that will be suitable for each competitive discipline. View Alpine Equipment Regulations here.

Protective Gear:

Helmets are mandatory, but other protective gear is optional and recommended. These items may include chin guards, shin guards, pole guards, back guards, and padded clothing. Speed suits are optional, but popular at most levels. Remember, if you use a speed suit, you will want to have pants that zip-off completely without requiring you to remove your boots. Please consult with your coaches for the specific protection requirements for your age level.

MSC Equipment Library:

The club maintains a limited selection of protective gear (e.g, shin guards, arm guards, pole guards) and GS suits that are available for season check-out with deposit. Submit this online interest form to inquire about available equipment.

Youth athletes grow quickly. It can be a challenge to find equipment that fits well and is appropriate for the type of skiing that an athlete is interested in. Our families take a lot of different approaches to sourcing their equipment. Here are a few resources:

Seasonal Rentals:

Many of our athletes elect to rent/lease equipment for the season through the Middlebury College Snow Bowl Ski Shop Ski Shop. The lease package includes skis, boots, bindings, and poles and runs from the beginning of the season until the Snow Bowl closes for the season.

Alpine Ski Shop in South Burlington offers race stock equipment for lease (by appointment only). Learn more here.

Retail Sales:

There are large number of ski shops in the region. Most shops cater to recreational skiers. For race skis, boots. and helmets Peak Performance in Killington is a great place to start.

Ski Swaps:

Ski Maven has posted a list of upcoming Ski and Snowboard sales in the region. Check out this article with suggestions on how to buy gear at a ski swap.


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