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Mid-Vermont Council (MVC) 

Race Registration

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    • Race registration typically opens two (2) weeks in before race and closes 24 hours prior to the start of the race.
    • The race registration site will also include a race announcement, which includes all of the detailed information about the race (e.g., how the race will be managed, the tenative schedule for the day, and other guidelines).


Volunteering at MSC Hosted Races

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Snapshot of a Typical Race Day

Upon arrival at the host mountain, athletes will meet with their coach at the time the established meeting time to collect their ticket. Athletes will head up the mountain to get in some warm-up runs and inspect the course as a group with their MSC coach. Athletes will then need to return to the start as their start time nears (based on their bib number). If possible, a coach will ski down with the athletes' jackets and pants; however, this could be an opportunity for a skiing family member to help out by carrying clothing down so the athletes can get their gear after they finish instead of waiting or having to go back up to get their clothing (a coach will remain at start if we have multiple athletes racing and may not have a chance to head down with jackets).

After an athlete's first run, they are free until the second run course inspection.  This is a great time for the athlete to get on the hill and support their teammates (from the hill, start or finish areas). They can also get some free skiing in, while also being sure to save time for lunch.  Once the first run concludes, they will set an inspection time and start time for the second run. The athletes will again inspect the course as a group with their MSC coach. The second run start order varies depending on age and race type, but typically the second run order is reverse order within gender.  Athletes and parents should pay attention to announcements throughout the day about changes to the schedule, etc.

After their second run, athletes are again encouraged to support their teammates. The awards ceremony typically takes place 30 minutes after the completion of the final run.  Families are welcome to leave at any time after the conclusion of their athlete's second run after letting the coach know.



The Middlebury Ski Club

The Middlebury Ski Club aims to inspire and establish the foundation for lifelong enjoyment of skiing by providing recreational and competitive skiing opportunities that foster skill development, positive social interaction, and personal excellence.

The Middlebury Ski Club is a non-profit organization based in Middlebury, Vermont, USA.

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Middlebury Ski Club
P.O. Box 815
Middlebury, VT 05753