USSA Racing


Racers wishing to ski in competitive races throughout the region will add-on the USSA Racing program. Skiers are placed in racer categories of U8/U10 (under 10), U12 , U14, and U16/U18. Younger skiers may be quite new to racing, but should be skilled, independent, all-mountain skiers. Older racers have generally grown in our club or another. Many of our current racers have skied previously in our Alpine Program, but some talented athletes have entered directly into a full racing program. The MVC Council Racing Team skis at away and home races. Travel is required, and carpooling is encouraged.

The coaching fees include fall dry-land sessions, participation in any and all weekend and weekday training opportunities, including holiday camps. Competition licenses and race entry fees are additional.

Participants must have all equipment on and be ready to ski at the designated group time.


2019-20 Season Coaching Fees:
(age as of 12/31/19)

U8/U10: MSC Alpine Program + $100 = Total $390 before Oct. 31st / $440 after Oct. 31st

U12: MSC Alpine Program + $185 = Total  $475 before Oct. 31st / $525 after Oct. 31st

U14:  MSC Alpine Program + $270 = Total  $560 before Oct. 31st / $610 after Oct. 31st

U16+: MSC Alpine Program + $410 = Total $700 before Oct. 31st / $750 after Oct. 31st

Licenses: Both a USSA license and a VARA license are required. (Cost is based on age.)


Season Pass: A season pass at the Middlebury College Snow Bowl is required.

Race Work Days: Racing Team families must volunteer for 4 Volunteer Work days during the season. Volunteering is what keeps our coaching and program fees low and we believe that parent involvement creates a stronger club. Most of the volunteer opportunities coincide with race days, but occasionally there are non-race related volunteer days. If you are unwilling to volunteer, you may opt-out of the volunteer commitment for a $300 fee. If weekend volunteering or the opt-out charge is a hardship for your family, please speak with us about other ways to help the club throughout the season.


Potential for holiday and other camps may be offered by Middlebury Ski Club. These camps will be an add-on and schedule will be dependent on number of participants and coaches available.

The Middlebury Ski Club

The mission of the Middlebury Ski Club is to promote alpine skiing and to support the development of ski racers of all ages and abilities.

The Middlebury Ski Club is a non-profit organization based in Middlebury, Vermont, USA.

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